Keromask camouflage cream review and swatch

Keromask Camouflage Cream yellow mixer and foundation
Keromask Camouflage Cream
When I was recently given the opportunity to review Keromask’s Camouflage Cream, my first thought was, what the hell do I need to camouflage?
Keromask’s foundation is designed to cover up tattoos, scarring, acne, vitiligo and rosacea.  Apart from the odd pesky blemish, I didn’t really suffer from any of the above.
However, I did have two small burn marks on my wrist from a trigger-happy cooking session years ago.  I was making fajitas, and let’s just say, hot oil and wet onions don’t mix so well.
While it’s not a real bother, I was intrigued to see what Keromask could do.
Used by make up artists to cover up tattooed celebrities like Drew Barrymore, the Camouflage Cream is a heavy-duty foundation which cam also be used on the face.
The Cream comes in a handy dispenser which allows you to control how much you use.  I was initially sent a sample pack to select the best shade.  Costing £4.99, the sample pack is a blister pack containing fifteen shades of foundation and powder for you to trial.
Hazarding a guess, I went for medium.  I also asked for a yellow mixer.  This is one of the best offering of Keromask, as it’s a tube of highly pigmented, deep yellow foundation, designed to be blended with the other foundations.

Foundation matching – an age-old problem for Asian skin

One of the problems with many foundations is that their rose undertones can end up making Asian skin look ashy, so the mixer is the perfect thing to blend with most foundations.
The good people of Keromask also sent a gorgeous brush set, which comes in a very chic leather-look case, perfect for travelling with.
Keromask brush set with bag
Keromask brush set
Anyway, onto the application…
So after applying New CID I-prime over my wrist, I brushed on some of the Medium Keromask Camouflage Cream.  I mixed a tiny spot of the yellow mixer, and a tiny amount really went a long way.  I would use the yellow mixer with caution, it is so deep and pigmented that any more than a pin prick and you could end up with jaundiced skin.
See below some before and after pictures of my wrist to see how my burn mark was covered up:
Burn mark before Before Keromask coverage
Before Keromask application
Burn mark after Keromask application
After Keromask application
As you can see, the burn marks are well covered up.  I later rigorously washed my wrist to see how waterproof the foundation actually was.  The foundation came away slightly, making the marks more visible, but it stood in pretty good stead.
I have also tried the foundation on my face, and it really does give heavy duty coverage.  This is great for a special occasion if you don’t want your makeup to let you down, however, it’s a bit much for everyday use.  As I have oily/combination skin, I found that my skin felt a little thick and shiny.  But if you have dry skin, it might have a better result for you.
Keromask Camouflage Cream is £14.99 for 15ml and is available from 
Keromask Brush Sets are £14.99 for travel and £19.99 for larger set available from   

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