Mac Smolder Eye Kohl stands the test of tears

Mac kohl eyeliner in Smolder

After hearing amazing things about the wear-ability, vibrancy and staying power of the Mac Smolder Eye Kohl, I just had to see for myself.

I was in dire need of an eye pencil.  I already had a gel pot and liquid eyeliner, but I wanted a pencil for the days I didn’t want a harsh,
glossy, jet-black line. Or for the mornings I didn’t have the time to precisely apply the gel liner.
On top of this, I wanted to pencil which was still a strong black colour.
I had purchased a cheap and cheerful twisty eyeliner from 2True, and if there was ever an argument for getting what you paid for, this was it.  Costing around £2 (I should have known), the black colour was feint, smudged easily and was little more than a shadow by the end of the day.
I have tried a plethora of eye pencils in the past, ranging from no.7 (so-so) to Rimmel (not very soft), yet I hadn’t found the perfect one for me.

So it was off to Mac I went.

I asked the lady for their blackest black eye pencil, and she lead me to Mac’s Eye Kohl, in Smolder.
She tried to also flog one of their other eyeliner pencils, but luckily I had a knowledgeable relative with me, who discreetly informed me that the one she was recommended didn’t have much staying power.  So Smolder it was.
The kohl eyeliner costs £14, and I have to say that I am very happy with my purchase.
Black eyeliner on brown eyes
Mac Eye Kohl in Smoulder
The colour is an intense, heavily pigmented black, about as black as you can get.  It glides on like a dream – no harsh drawing on required – and it lasts a lot longer than any other eye pencils I’ve tried before.

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To highlight the difference between the Mac Smolder Eye Kohl and the 2True eyeliner, see the swatches below:
Two eyeliners swatched Mac smolder eye kohl and 2True
2True Eyeliner (left) vs. Mac Eye Kohl (right)

Mac Smolder eye kohl – standing the test of tears

The Mac Smolder Eye Kohl also stood the test of tears and incessant eye rubbing the other day, when I went to get my eyebrows threaded.
Eyebrow grooming is one of those necessary evils that always leaves me in a state.  I’ve been threading for years, yet to this day I’m a tearful, sneezing (that’s my sinuses) mess, writhing and squirming on the beauticians chair.
Anyway, the biggest revelation for me was that despite this ordeal, I left with my eyeliner pretty
much in tact – a real plus of the Mac Smolder Eye Kohl.
Also, while many people argue that you don’t get as much contouring control with an eye pencil, Mac’s Eye Kohl challenges this.  I’ve been able to do a thin winged line as well as a thicker eye line with ease.
Eyeliner on brown eyes
It’s also pretty good for smudging, too.
So, you’ve probably guessed, the Mac Smolder Eye Kohl gets the thumbs up from me!  It might be a little more expensive than other high street eye pencils, but it truly is worth the investment, as it will last for a long time.
Mac Smolder Eye Kohl is available in all good department stores, at a cost of £14.    

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