Corn Silk Translucent Loose Face Powder review

January 17, 2012
A box of Corn Silk Translucent Loose Face Powder
Corn Silk Translucent Loose Face Powder

Over the years, I’ve tried and tested various foundations and bases which have melted off my face after 5pm.  Even with a military operation of applying makeup – primer, concealer, foundation, blush – I still end up with a shiny face within hours.

However, I’ve apparently been missing a trick.  A couple of years ago I was told that the key to lasting makeup wasn’t in the base, or foundation itself, but in the finish. I know this is a no-brainer to many of you, but just remember you’re reading the blog of a makeup novice, not an expert!
Anyway, while this was sound enough advice, I was perplexed as to what finish to go for.  If you browse a beauty counter, watch a YouTube video or read a magazine, you’ll be greeted with endless options.  Pressed powders, loose powders, translucent or coloured powders, not to mention veils, finishing gels and face sprays!
While my personal jury’s out on face sprays (I haven’t tried them properly), I’d tried my fair share on face powders.  I’d discovered that coloured powders only darken over time, so your foundation would end up looking a different colour by the end of the evening!  I used to counter this by buying a lighter coloured powder, but this made me look ghostly.
I was also recently told by a makeup artist that loose powder is better for absorbing shine than the pressed version.  But by far the most important piece of advice I received was to avoid any powders which contain talc, as this is apparently the most ageing ingredient of all.  I wish I knew this earlier, as I spent my teenage years buying cheap and cheerful compacts which were no doubt talc-laden.
Anyway, by default this meant that loose, translucent talc-free face powders are the way to go for my skin.
Therefore I decided to give Corn Silk Translucent Loose Face Powder a try, as this seemed to tick most boxes.
Corn Silk’s face powder is made of mica (a much friendlier alternative to talc) and walnut shell powder.  It’s apparently an old classic, and you can see this from the black and gold packaging.  It’s the kind of thing you’d expect to adorn your mum’s dressing table.  In fact, my colleague’s now deceased Nan apparently used to use Corn Silk.  Looks aside, a big advantage is that the Corn Silk comes in a generous pot, so it should last a long while.
Anyway, the powder itself is incredibly fine and smells suspiciously like talc, even though it isn’t.

Corn Silk Translucent Loose Face Powder – put to the test

I tried Corn Silk Translucent Loose Face Powder on two different occasions – once on top of Prestige Mineral foundation, the other time over Myface liquid foundation.  Both attempts had very different outcomes.
When I applied it on top of the mineral foundation, it wasn’t so great.  I think powder on powder just doesn’t blend.  The Corn Silk Powder seemed to sit on top of the mineral base and looked slightly chalky.  Throughout the day, I felt really clogged and wasn’t happy.  Though to be fair, I don’t blame the Corn Silk too much, I usually feel like that with most makeup.  However, the powder didn’t do me any favours.  I was also no less-shiny than when I don’t wear a finishing powder.
However, over the liquid foundation, the Corn Silk was a dream!  The Myface foundation – which has struggled with my sebaceous glands in the past, stayed put ALL day.  The Corn Silk helped keep me skin matte and fresh-looking.  And by home time, I only had the slightest dewy glow.  This for me is a great result.
Also, while I usually can’t wait to get my makeup off, my pores didn’t feel clogged with the Corn Silk at all, and I would have happily made the transition from day to evening with the same makeup.
So in short, I would say Corn Silk isn’t for you if you wear mineral foundation, but it is the perfect finisher for liquid foundation.

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