RoC Sublime Energy Eye cream review

July 7, 2011
You may remember that I have previously promised to put my eyes on the line (no pun intended) to try out the best eye creams on offer.  The aim was simple – to banish lines and dark circles for all desi girl’s out there.
Now, my problem wasn’t huge, however it had been picked up on by a couple of makeup artists that my eyes were rather dehydrated.  I had noticed this myself when I was wearing foundation, and the makeup seemed to get sucked in and become slightly grey around my eyes.  Also, like most Asian girls, dark circles were beginning to be a bother.
It seems that dark circles and lines are a bane for us all.  And it’s not just us mere mortals that suffer from them, celebrities, when caught off guard and makeup free, also struggle with panda eye.  I mean, have you seen the usually groomed and gorgeous Eva Longoria off-duty?  Minus the Touche Eclat, she’s just like the rest of us…
Roc Submlime energy eye cream review

RoC Sublime Energy Eye cream review

Anyway, the first cream I’ve been trialling is .  Now before I go any further, I’d like to highlight that with any eye cream, results will never be jaw-droppingly dramatic.  It’s a slow, subtle process, and quite frankly, trialling in your twenties, before wrinkles have set in, is more about prevention rather than cure.  So the best way to give a fair trial is to highlight the claim, or marketing spiel from Roc, compared with the reality.
The claim:
Specifically designed to combat the appearance of dark circles, bags and fine lines around the eyes, RoC® Sublime Energy™ Eye, mimics the bioelectric currents found naturally in the body and has been shown to stimulate the skin’s rejuvenation process.
Tests found: ·
Consumers saw visible results after 3 hours
Clinically proven reduction in the appearance of fine lines, dark circles, eye folds, under eye bags and upper eyelid puffiness after 8 weeks
81% of women tested preferred RoC® Sublime Energy™ to their current moisturiser.
The reality:
OK, so when I saw the silver packaging, containing two separate tubes, I knew I was dealing with a very science-y product.  I also noted that the obligatory ‘before and after’ promotional photo is of a woman in her fifties or sixties, which made me wonder whether I was trying RoC a few decades too soon.
Nonetheless, I persevered.  The first tube, containing an ‘E-PULSE™ concentrate’, which contains particles of zinc and copper, is meant to generate thousands of imperceptible electrical pulses. This should be followed by applying a blob from the second tube, which contained an activating moisturiser to trigger the bioelectricity.
It all sounded a little scary, and I was expecting my eyes to get the shakes.  I’m glad to say they didn’t.  Though I did feel a slight tingling sensation, which made me feel that something was happening.
I continued doing this for four weeks.  After the first week, I began getting a little nervous.  No real change, despite the fact that my eyes were dryer – not the desired effect.  However, I kept reminding myself that it was more prevention rather than cure, and that the results won’t be huge.
As a few weeks went on, I noticed that my eyes were looking less dehydrated, which was the main thing that had been picked up on by both makeup artists.  There are fine lines still round my eyes, but I think they might be the lines I’ve always had, and won’t be shifting anytime soon.  By far the biggest plus to emerge from using RoC® Sublime Energy™ Eye is that makeup no longer looks as dry and grey around the eyes, as they have been given some much-needed nourishment.
So, would I recommend RoC® Sublime Energy™ Eye?  I think that it’s worth buying if you have more prominent eye lines, otherwise you may not notice a huge difference.  I think it’s a cream that I’ll be definitely turning to in a few years’ time.
Now onto the next cream, so keep your eyes peeled…
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