The great eye cream shootout – Yon-ka Nutri-contour Eye and Lip Care

July 29, 2011
A good eye cream is a girl’s best friend.  Or so I’ve been told.
I was warned by several makeup artists of dangers of not using eye cream, plus many readers have complained to me that the bane of their life is dark circles or lines round their eyes.  So it made perfect sense to embark on a guinea-pig style review of eye creams for Desi girl’s beauty blog.
Now, as I’ve said before, the difficulty with reviewing eye creams is that the results aren’t instant.  Lines won’t vanish overnight, neither will dark circles.  Plus, if you don’t have major eye issues to start with, you’ll see little change.  However, as with most creams, prevention is better than cure, so even if you don’t see major results, it doesn’t mean the cream hasn’t worked.
OK, so that’s my disclaimer over… onto the next review.
I’ve so far reviewed RoC’s Sublime Energy Eye, and as I have mentioned previously, in the interests of thorough reviewing (and to avoid confusing my eyes with many different creams), I’ve enlisted my SWAT team (of sisters) to try some eye creams, too.
Yon-ka Nutri-contour Eye and Lip Care is put to the test
Yon-ka Nutri Cntour Eye and Lip Care


My sis has been using Yon-ka’s Nutri-contour Eye and Lip Care for several weeks now.  So, in keeping with all the eye cream reviews, let’s talk about the claim, and the reality.



Yon-ka Nutri-contour Eye and Lip Care  review – The claim:

The cream is a hit with celebrities, from J-Lo to Pixie Lott.  Yon-ka promises to offer an intense and luxurious treatment which tackles every kind of eye and lip problem.  With hazelnut oil and anti-oxidant vitamins, the cream prevents wrinkles around the eyes and lips.

Yon-ka Nutri-contour Eye and Lip Care review – The reality:

Yon-ka Nutri-contour Eye and Lip Care certainly is luxurious.  The cream is also light, blends into the skin easily and only needs to be used very sparingly.
However, beyond that, my sis hasn’t seen much change.  To be fair though, she doesn’t have noticeable dark circles or lines.  Tsk.  However, she is going to keep using it as a preventative solution to the above problems.
Overall, she feels it’s a nice cream which keeps her eyes hydrated and blends nicely.  However, she did have one parting thought – with a £30 price tag, she did wonder whether some of the cheaper brands on the market would be just as good.
Now, that feels like a challenge to me…

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