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June 13, 2011
There are a lot of products out there that claim to create glowing skin – serums, balms, highlighters, shimmer sticks, blushers – it’s a minefield.
Choosing the product that’s right for you can also be a mean feat.  On top of that, factor in the cost of these individual products, and it becomes a confusing and expensive affair.
Many magazines and blogs feature products which look very pretty and have the price tag to suit, but there’s no real justification for the cost, so they’re pretty much glossy adverts.  I mean, if I’m going to invest in a beauty product, I want to know why it’s worth my money.
That’s the main reason I started Desi girl’s beauty blog, I wanted to try products for myself and share honest feedback.  This blog post – where I look at the products which help give you a healthy glow – is no exception, and as an added bonus I’ve sought out products that won’t break the bank.  I’ve road tested this routine myself and find real results…

Glowing skin on a budget – Glowing base   

Cindy Crawford’s Meaningful Beauty Skin Revitalising Glowing Serum
Cindy Crawford's Meaningful Beauty Glowing Serum works wonders on the skin
Cindy Crawford’s Meaningful
Beauty Glowing Serum
£13.99 – www.meaningfulbeauty.co.uk
Now, I have to admit, I thought serums were a pointless waste of money, mainly because I’d tried them in the past and simply didn’t know what they do.  Foundation smoothes, blush adds colour and eyeliner frames – but what does a serum do?
However, it’s all about subtlety, a serum should be used under your moisturiser – not instead of – to help smooth out the skin and help lift the complexion.  This helps add glow and is the perfect base for your glowing skin makeover.
I really like Cindy Crawford’s serum.  I sometimes use it when I’m not wearing makeup, and it gives my skin a helping hand without clogging my pores.

Glowing skin on a budget – Cheeks/eyes highlighter

Vie at home Glowing Beauty Duo Highlighter
Vie at home Glowing Beauty Duo Highlighter has a pink and gold end
Vie at Home
Duo Highlighter
£12.75 – www.vieathome.com  
Put simply, this duo highlighter is Benefit’s High Beam and Moon Beam in one handy double-ended stick at a fraction of the price.  Having tried both of the aforementioned Benefit products, I really couldn’t se much difference, so to say I was impressed by Vie’s highlighter was an understatement!  A couple of blobs of either colour lightly dabbed onto your cheekbones and your eyelids adds a subtle sheen which catches the light and brightens your complexion.  It can also be mixed into foundation for an all-over shimmer.  I would say choose pink for a rosy tone, or go for gold for glowing radiance.

Glowing skin on a budget – Under eye highlighter

Collection 2000 Illumintaing Touch illuminated the under eyes
Collection 2000
Illumintaing Touch

Collection 2000 Illuminating touch

£4.99 – available in Boots, Superdrug and other good beauty stores 
Basically, this is YSL’s Touche Eclat on a budget.  It doesn’t work so well as concealer as it’s rather light in texture, but it does highlight under your eyes a treat!

Glowing skin on a budget – All over finish

Sheer Cover Lip to Lid Highlighter
£17.95 – http://www.sheercover.co.uk/ 
Sheer Cover Lip to Lid Highlighter has a peach overall finish
This mineral powder highlighter is just beautiful!  I’ve tried it in Peach, and it adds a glimmery dusting of colour to your makeup.  I found this particularly useful as an all-over finish, as it stops your foundation looking like one sheet of colour.  I think this as a fab option and a cheaper alternative to Bobby Brown’s Shimmer Brick.  Plus as it’s from mineral kings Sheer Cover, I’m reassured it won’t be too bad for my skin.

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