Is Egyptian Magic really magic?

May 15, 2011

Is Egyptian Magic really magic?

I’ve recently been using Egyptian Magic, an apparently 100% natural magic skin cream which claims to be a one-stop all purpose solution for women (and probably men, for that matter). I always laugh when I hear such claims, as often I’m still left wondering what it’s actually used for.
Anyway, to explain further, I was given few celeb based examples of its magic:
• Kate Hudson told InStyle US that she slathers it on her face on overnight flights to keep skin hydrated.
• Michelle Trachtenber, the Gossip Girl star, said she uses it on bruises as it makes them go away.
• Celeb stylist Rachel Zoe uses it on her new born baby boy as well as on herself.
• Models across the globe use it on their lips and face to create a dewy look.
So no concrete examples of the results achieved, but my expectations where set nonetheless through all the celebrity endorsements.
I first applied Egyptian Magic in the day, under my makeup. Big mistake. The formula is sooo greasy that my face felt like it was smothered in Vaseline, and my Bellapierre Mineral Foundation didn’t stand a chance and got sucked into the cream, making me look barefaced, tired and drawn. Not good.
I concluded that Egyptian Magic may work its best at night time. I also decided that less is more, and literally a small pinhead blob would be needed for my face. So I applied the cream before bedtime. OK, one problem was that I had to sleep on my back, as I feared waking up to a greasy pillow.
Despite this small drawback, my skin felt lovely and soft and incredibly smooth. In fact, it was the smoothest it’s been. But of course, smoothness comes at a price, at around £21 a pot. However, I consoled myself with the fact that it would last forever, considering I needed the smallest of blobs for each use.
Its price tag could be attributed to its basic ingredients of olive oil, beeswax, honey, bee pollen and Royal Jelly. Also, perhaps the celebrity endorsements have made it a must-have, which has boosted its profile.
I read up on Egyptian Magic to find out more, and see whether it went beyond providing smooth skin. Forums were abuzz with claims of reducing dark circles and even lengthening lashes! There were also many that say it didn’t work for them. Plus, my sister tried it and likened it to Vaseline.
So I guess Egyptian Magic unites and divides. I genuinely loved the softness and found that this moisturised more than other creams. But I have combination skin. So if you’re like me, or have dry skin, it’s worth a try. If you’re more oily skinned, I wouldn’t go there.
Egyptian Magic can be ordered from Vital Life direct on 0207 720 1441, Revital, and Victoria Health,

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