Myface cosmetics review – colour coordinating brown skin

April 27, 2011

Myface cosmetics review

It happened again.  I visited the Bobby Brown counter in House of Fraser, and was colour-matched an orange honey tone, which was simply too dark.

The lovely male consultant informed me that they always colour-match people to the darkest part of their face.  This for most Asians, is their chin.  Despite my protestations, he proceeded. I’m sure I wouldn’t have been the first to question his artistic licence to colour me darker.

Anyway, as expected, the tone was less than flattering, though the consultant did his best to insist that the ‘warmness’ was nice.  I didn’t make a purchase that day.

Makeup lessons learnt

The lesson from this would be to use your own judgement and choose your own shade.  This is no more the case than with MyFace, a brand which caters for Asian skin and has the column inches in Asiana magazine to prove it.

I first tried their range when they had a beauty day in Manchester.   I was impressed by their incredibly reasonable price.  At £12.99 for their Mymix foundation, it was a fraction of the cost of other brands which also promised to cater for Asian skin.

The colours fall into three different categories, light, medium and dark.  Within these categories there are three different shades.  Myface also has a matching lipstick and blusher for each of the three shades.  So far, so simple.

I was told that the dark shade would be most appropriate for Asian skin, so I was matched up accordingly.  At first look, I was hit by a sense of Déjà vu.  Again the colour was too dark and simply didn’t flatter nor suit my skin.

Despite this, the foundation itself was flawless and created a nice even base.  So I was determined not to give up on Myface, I figured if I got the shade right, it would be a low price saviour for desi girls.

I then went for a medium shade, which actually produced a much better result.  Perhaps due to it being lighter, it didn’t seem to provide as much coverage, but I think applying a spot of concealer on any blemishes beforehand would do the trick.  Though I may opt for something more heavy-duty for a wedding or party, Myface felt like the perfect solution for everyday wear.

Onto the lippie

Then I tried the lipstick and blusher from the medium range.  While the blusher, in R&B Rouge (which comes in a very handy compact with mirror and brush) was fine, I felt the lipstick, in Gigabyte Smooth was incredibly sheer and almost nude.  I queried this and was told that the medium range isn’t suitable for Asian skin, which is why the colour was virtually non-existent.

So many skin tones, not enough foundation shades

In the simplest terms, the three shades on offer are based on three distinct skintones.  Kate Hudson is light, Kate Moss is medium, and Freida Pinto is Dark.  This explained a lot.  Frieda Pinto has fairly dark skin, and not every Asian girl has this colouring, which is why the dark foundation was wrong for me.  I found it funny that the medium was a good match, as last time I checked, I was not the same colour as Kate Moss.

Anyway, I tried the lipstick from the dark range, which was better though still a little sheer alone.  However, it is meant to be worn with a lip pencil in Rose, which helps cover pigmentation, i.e. darker colouring around the lips.  This set off the lipstick perfectly.  But to be honest, I liked the lip pencil so much that I use it to colour the whole mouth then finish with a sheen of Vaseline for a minimalist look.

The acid test was when I wore the full face – foundation, lip colour and blusher – for a day’s shopping and sightseeing with a friend.  This was a particularly warm day, so I expected a full oil-slick mess by 5pm.  But my make-up actually stayed put all day, with only just a little shine which hinted that I’d had a busy day.

Myface – my overall thoughts

So overall, it’s a thumbs up for Myface as it’s a good solution for daily, fuss free wear.  But do choose your shade yourself ladies.  I know I’ve bleated about this before, but I am going to have to keep posting my discontent about mismatching until there’s a revolution in the industry.

What worked for me:

Myface Mymix foundation in medium 02 – £12.99

Blusher in medium R&B Rouge – £9.00

Lip pencil in med/dark Rose – £6.49

Lipstick in med/dark Gigabyte Ooh Baby Baby – £9.99


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